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Walnut, Cherry, Oak, Yew & Pine: Which Type of Wood Is Best for Your Wooden Product?

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walnut, cherry, oak and pine wood

When it comes to creating beautiful and lasting woodcrafts, choosing the right type of wood is essential. At Wisteria Woodcraft, we have a passion for working with a variety of woods, each with its own unique characteristics, colours, and textures. However, with so many options available, it can be challenging to determine which type of wood is best for your project. In this article, we'll explore some of the most popular types of wood we use and provide insights on which is best for your next wooden project.

1. Walnut Wood

Walnut wood is highly prized for its dark, rich color, and beautiful grain patterns. It is often used for high-end furniture and decorative items, such as carvings and ornaments. Its dark brown color gives a touch of elegance and sophistication to any piece of furniture. However, it can be relatively expensive, which makes it a less popular option for some projects.

2. Cherry Wood

Cherry wood is another popular choice for furniture making, known for its warm reddish-brown colour that deepens over time. Cherry wood has a natural resistance to warping and cracking, making it an excellent option for chairs, tables, and cabinets. It's also relatively easy to work with, which makes it a popular choice for novice woodworkers.

3. Oak Wood

Oak wood is a durable and versatile hardwood that has been used for centuries in furniture making. It has a distinctive grain pattern that makes it easily recognizable. Oak wood is available in two varieties, white and red oak, and each has unique qualities that make them ideal for different types of furniture. White oak is strong and durable, making it a perfect option for outdoor furniture, while red oak has a beautiful reddish color and is a popular choice for indoor furniture.

4. Yew Wood

Yew wood has a unique and striking appearance, with a rich, reddish-brown color and a distinctive grain pattern. It's a dense and heavy wood, making it an excellent choice for carving and turning. Yew wood is also highly resistant to decay, which makes it a popular choice for outdoor furniture.

5. Pine Wood

Pine wood is one of the most affordable and readily available types of wood, making it a popular choice for novice woodworkers. It has a light color, and a uniform grain pattern, which makes it ideal for painting and staining. Pine wood is also relatively easy to work with, but it is not as durable as some of the hardwoods, which makes it a less popular choice for high-end furniture.

So, which type of wood is best for your project?

Ultimately, the choice of wood depends on the specific requirements of your project. Some factors to consider include the appearance, durability, and cost of the wood. If you're looking for a rich, dark colour, walnut wood may be the best option for you. For durability and resistance to warping, cherry and oak wood are excellent choices. Yew wood is ideal for carving and outdoor furniture, while pine wood is a popular choice for wooden projests on a budget.


At Wisteria Woodcraft, we love working with a variety of woods, each with its own unique qualities and beauty. We hope this guide has provided some insights into the most popular types of wood we use and helped you choose the best wood for your next woodcraft project. Remember to consider your specific needs and budget when selecting wood, and don't hesitate to reach out to our team for additional guidance.


  1. What is the most expensive type of wood?

  2. Generally, exotic woods like Brazilian Rosewood and Ebony are the most expensive due to their rarity and difficulty in sourcing.

  3. Can you use different types of wood in the same project?

  4. Absolutely! Mixing different types of woods can create unique and beautiful designs. However, it's important to consider the different characteristics and properties of each wood to ensure they work well together.

  5. How do I know which type of wood is best for my project?

  6. Consider the appearance you're looking for, the durability needed for the intended use, and the budget you have. It's also helpful to consult with an experienced woodworker or supplier for guidance.

  7. Is it important to choose sustainably sourced wood?

  8. Yes! Choosing sustainably sourced wood helps to preserve our forests and ensures the long-term availability of these beautiful materials for future generations.

  9. What is the best way to care for my woodcrafts?

  10. Regular cleaning and maintenance with a soft cloth and appropriate wood cleaner can help keep your woodcrafts looking beautiful for years to come. Avoid exposing them to extreme temperatures or humidity, and protect them from direct sunlight.